Knife Sharpening and Repair

We sharpen and repair all types of kitchen knives, from the worlds major manufacturers. Our sharpening and repair service brings all knives back to their very best condition, and because we do the work in-house our prices are very competitive.



*Please note: If the damage or wear to the tip of the knife is over 5mm there will be a £2.00 charge to reinstate the tip.
If your knives need re-tipping please purchase the appropriate number when ordering.


*If your knives need reshaping, please purchase the appropriate number when ordering.

We visually inspect each knife blade

We will check for particular areas of damage or wear to the blade. We are looking for small nicks or dents and we will check the tip of the knife to see if it needs repointing. We will also check the blades shape to assess whether the blade has become ‘arched’ through heavy or prolonged use.


We will put a new tip on all knives with a worn or broken tip (where appropriate!). All knives sent in for sharpening, will be re-tipped free of charge as part of the sharpening service where the damage/wear in the tip is less than 5mm. However, if the damage or wear to the tip of the knife is over 5mm there will be a £2.00 charge to reinstate the tip.


We will reshape the blade to remove any ‘arching’. This is quite common in large cooks knives that get the heaviest and most prolonged use. The charge for reshaping your knife will depend on the length of its blade. If the blade of your knife is very badly worn or misshapen and you would like the knife reshaped to bring it back closer to its original shape then this is a chargeable option.

Two Stage Resharpening

Once the blade has been repointed and reshaped as required, we then sharpen the blade edge bringing it back to its ‘as new’ condition. All our sharpening is done by hand. There is no better way to ensure each and every knife gets the finish it requires.

Stage one sharpening is undertaken on a specialist water cooled knife sharpening wheel, which puts on a new set of bevels at the appropriate angle for the knife being sharpened.

Stage two sharpening involves sharpening the knife on a super fine wet stone. This smoothes the bevels off and puts a light polish on the blade edge. This ensures the knife cuts very cleanly and that the edge is strong and long-lasting.

How our Knife Sharpening and Repair Service Works

Click on 'Knives & Sharpeners' from our product menu on the left-hand side of the home page, then select 'Knife Sharpening & Repair' then select the number of sharpenings you require. (ie one sharpening for each knife you wish to have sharpened). Remember, knives with a blade length of 20cm or less cost £4.95, and knives with a blade length greater than 20cm cost £5.95. Then securely pack your knives and send them to us. Please ensure your knives are safe to send in the post. Use plenty of padding (old newspapers are good and easy to get hold of), and ensure all the tips are well protected, and that the packing is crush proof. It can take a few days for knives to be sharpened, our expert knife sharpener is only here a couple of times a week - Please allow for this when sending knives in for sharpening.

Please note that we are unable to repair handles